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HAND RAILING ( indoor, outdoor, home, factory and shops)

Stainless steel - Staircase grip, Hand railing and all grades of hand railing available in India. Specialty is the usage of special pure SS (stainless steel) with nickel coating.

They have 3 grades
  • 316, 1st -sea
  • 304, 2nd -in and out
  • 202, 3rd -in door

316 is the first grade product and is costlier than the other two. It is famous for its tough withstanding power. Usually it is used in the places where sea water and salt water falls on it. Best for OUT Door uses.

 304 is the second grade product and is a bit costlier than 202. Usually used for outdoor use where rain water falls. Good rust resistance power stands for years.

202 is the last grade and it is usually used for indoor use. Comes in more variety and mostly used for rich and modern look. Best fit for Interior designing. We present 350 unique designs with high quality. The basic design of all is placed in home page. Our price range starts from Rs.650 to 6000 with metal and including labor charges. We deliver our Products to the customers without any time delay. We give best quality and best designs to the customer. And our workers deal the customers in a friendly way. We present 350 unique designs.